DJM Australia Photography

What you should know


David and Jette McKellar

Favourite equipment:

Canon Cameras and Lenses

Manfrotto tripods and monopods

Favorite Subjects:

Native Flora and Fauna, Landscapes, Architecture

Favorite Vacation Spot:

Australia, especially outback regions

All About Us

David McKellar has been a keen photographer for over 30 years. The passion for photography has deepened in the last 10 or so years as travelling around Australia, mainly the outback, on family holidays increased. David particularly enjoys capturing images of Australian wildlife, especially birds, untamed and in their natural environment, as well as capturing Australian history, natural landscapes, and anything unusual.

Jette McKellar’s interest in photography really started when she purchased her first digital point and shoot camera in 2004. Interest intensified when her family gave her a Canon 350D for her birthday a couple of years later and has since upgraded to the 450D. Her main interests have changed over time and continue to evolve. Currently Jette enjoys taking landscapes, architecture and macro images of Australian flora.

We believe in capturing images that display and preserve our ever-decreasing natural heritage and wildlife.